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M a g a z i n e s

"The Isle of Loki" - Underbelly Zine Issue #1 (July 2018)
"The Pit" - Morpheus Tales special undead issue (2009)
"Wedded Bliss"
- The Willows Magazine (Jan 2008)
"Dark Song" - Dark Animus #4 (Aug 2003)
"StepSister" - Thirteen Stories (July 2003 Issue)
"In The Walls" - Macabre issue #2 (June 2003)
"Bump In The Night" - Dark Angel Rising (May 2003)
"In The Red" - Night Shopping #2 (Dec 2002)
"Remembering A Friend" - Thirteen Stories (Oct 2002)
"Black Out" - Blood Moon Rising (Aug 2002 Issue)
"Ariella" - Widow of The Orchid (1990's)
"Release Me" - The Nocturnal Lyric (1990's)
"Night Sounds" - The Nocturnal Lyric (1990's)
"Don't Take The Bus" -The Nocturnal Lyric (1990's)
"The Suckling" - The Nocturnal Lyric (1990's)
"The Gibbering" - Black Petals (Winter Issue)
"Black Out" - Abstracts Magazine
"The Mute People" - Flesh and Blood #14
"Melissa's Wagon" - Whispers from the Shattered forum #13

O n - L i n e
"Chained to the Web"- eFiction Magazine (April 2012).
"All the Raven's Disciple"
- Sliver Blade Journal of Fantasy & Sci-fi (Summer 2010)
"To Summon the Shadows"
- Aurora Wolf Journal of Sci-fi & Fantasy (May 2010)
"Candy Dish"
- Screaming Dreams Christmas (Dec 2009)

"Available for Parties" - Wrong World Halloween DVD
"Riding the Heat Wave" - Alien Skin Magazine (2008)
"After the Rain" - Alien Skin Magazine
"From Below" - Abe's Tomb
"Black Out"- Short Scary Tales, House Of Pain
"Sign Of The Times" - Eternal Night E-zine
"The Room" - House of Pain
"The Snatcher" - Dark Fiction E-zine
"Stew Meat" - Kingdom of Shadows/Creature Corner
"Elevator" - ShadowKeep E-zine
"Projecting Evil" - House of Pain
"Soul Eater" - Short Scary Tales
"Birthday Suit" - Creature Corner
"The Men's Room" - Something Wicked Online
"Souvenirs" - The Murder Hole
"No Man's Land" - The Murder Hole
"Witness Protection Program" - Alien Skin Magazine
"Power Plant" - Alternate Realities
"The Case" - Rogue Worlds
"Conjurer" - Tapestry Online Magazine
"Expecting" - Dark Corners
"Resurrection" - Savage Night
"Wishful Thinking" - Alternate Species
"Temporary Setback" - HorrorFind
"Seeing Double" - HorrorFind
"Kathy's Korner" - Christmas Carnage/Writer's Hood
"Dancer" - Nocturnal Ooze E-zine