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Hello out there, the shadows have stopped by to let you know about my newest release, PRIMAL ROAR BOOK ONE: RISE OF THE TITANOSAURUS!

Available in both ebook and paperback for a great price, this is book 1 of an all new trilogy. For more info visit my works page. Until next time… enjoy the shadows!



Season’s Greetings, Season’s Readings!  
It’s that time of year my fellow fiends!! Fall is finally here, the nights grow short and the shadows come out to play… I’ve got lots of exciting news for you.

The third and final book of the Kaiju Overlords Trilogy MONSTROUS ESCAPE is now live. This completes the series. Hope you enjoy how the story wraps up.

GODDESS OF BANE is the third entry into my Retro Terror Series— my ode to horror of the 70s and 80s. This is an ongoing series that will feature more than just three books so stay tuned for more to come. But in the meantime… pick up the third book and find out why this small New England Town fears the night!

Goddess of Bane

Do you like serials? Do you enjoy reading a story chapter by chapter, letting the story unfold just like a TV show? Then Kindle Vella is for you.

I’ve joined the Amazon Kindle Vella platform with my first story AFTER WORLD, a post-apocalyptic tale like you’ve never read before! The great thing about Kindle Vella is that the first 3 Chapters are FREE. Want to check out my serial? Click the cover below to check it out today!

After World

Coming 10/15, 50% off ALL of my Horror ebooks. It’s a BOOK BLITZ just for you!



Greetings my darklings! 
Got a new release for all you Kaiju fans out there...

GIANTS REBORN, Book 2 of the Kaiju Overlords series, is now available for Kindle Unlimited and in paperback format. 

Don’t miss out on the carnage as Jason and his team take on the fearsome Kaiju Dragons that now dominate the world!


For you book trailer junkies, feast your eyes on my newest trailer for BEHEMOTHS RISING!

Pick up BEHEMOTHS RISING at the NEW LOW PRICE of $2.99! Click here.



Seasons Greetings Ghosts and Goblins!
It’s my favorite time of year… Halloween Time! And despite everything going on this year, I intend to celebrate all month long! I do the tricks and YOU get the treats!

I’ve just put my Halloween-themed Chapbook “Autumn Shades” on sale for 99 cents! Available for both Kindle and Nook, this book of haunting tales features 8 short stories and poems. It’s sure to get you into the spirit of the season. Click the cover below to go right to the Amazon page or visit the link beneath the cover pick it up at Barnes & Noble… Enjoy!

My new “Retro Terror Series.”
Did you love 80s horror? Or old creased paperbacks from back in the day? Well I’ve got the series for you—just in time for Halloween.
The Retro Terror series is my ode to Pulpy, Campy horror of the past—featuring Satanic Panic, Monsters, campy characters, drama and lurid tales of terror!
Check out the first two installments today. Both titles are in Kindle Unlimited and are available in cool retro paperbacks that are sure to satisfy the collector in you!

My Annual Halloween Sale is coming soon! 50% off ALL horror ebooks!
Look for this to go live Columbus Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween Season!



Just slinking in to tell you all about John’s newest release: Underground Book 3: Resurrection is now live!
The Underground series is now complete. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to John’s best-selling series.

Set in the futuristic demise of post-apocalyptic doom, the undead outnumber the living 1,000 to 1. Liam is a former soldier on a mission to protect the remaining survivors in the last stronghold, the bowels of the underground.

Visit the Works page to grab your copy today. 

Check out books 1 and 2 at the Amazon Series page and learn more on the entire trilogy.



Happy New Year My fellow Shadows! I want to bring your attention to some exciting new releases.

First up It’s the launch of my all new fantasy series: The Orum Chronicles. Book 1: Web of the Spider Queen is out now! Begin an adventure of dark magic and vast armies waging war in a dying world. A realm once riddled with civil war and mistrust must come together to defeat an outside invader. Can the Elves, Fairies and Amazons work together to rid their world of this hungry evil? Start book one and get lost in the wonder of Orum. Ebook only. Book of a new trilogy.


We have the anxiously awaited sequel to Underground Revelations and Book 2 in the series—Reckoning

Reckoning picks up right where Book 1 left off as Liam and the other survivors of the subway tunnels take refuge at New Albion, run by the charismatic Grace and her band of fighters. The two groups join forces to take the fight to the undead armies of New York but not everything goes as planned… 

Pick up Book 2 here or start your journey with Revelations here. Both books available in ebook and paperback. 



It's BACK! My Annual Halloween Sale. All Horror titles are 50% off. Amazon only. Ebooks only.


Hello out there in Shadow Land… 
Just a couple of quick announcements. I’m doing a Virtual Book tour hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours. 
I’m doing two books— Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds and Underground Book 1: Revelations.

There’s a chance to win prizes, read reviews, interact with me and buy some great books!! What more could you ask for. 
Check out the book trailers for each of the books below and if you are a blogger or reviewer… follow the links below the trailer to sign up and host!

Book Tour 9/11–10/11: Sign Up

Book Tour 10/21–11/21: Sign Up

As always enjoy the shadows! 


Hello again creepers!
I’m excited to tell you about my newest release. This one is for all of you zombie fans out there.
I’ve been working hard on a new post-apocalyptic zombie trilogy and Book 1 has just gone live. 

The first book of my Underground Trilogy is now available for Kindle, Nook and in Paperback.

The war the world feared finally came except this was a different kind of war. One fought between the living and the dead. The living lost.

Liam, a former soldier in the war against the dead, had done everything he could to hold back the enemy but in the end he joined the other survivors in the only safe place left— underground.

You know you still love zombie stories… so go and grab it now! Just click the cover to go directly to Amazon or visit the Works page to check out all available formats.

Thanks for checking in my friends and keep coming back for updates on this zombie series and more horror and dark fantasy titles.



So, the shadows creep toward a new year and they have been busy stirring up doorways to new realms and portals to exotic adventures… But now is a time to look back and see all of what the shadows have accomplished this year…

John, your shadow and fiction weaver, saw 2018 publish some of his short stories. Not bad for taking a break from submitting out into the world for an extended period of time.

“Blood Brothers” a weird Western tale features the Native American legend of the Two-Face monster and how it haunts generations of one family and their adopted Native American family. It was just published in the online magazine “Crimson Streets”. Read it now by visiting the publication at

“The Isle of Loki” is a dark, sinister tale of gay erotic horror that mixes magic, mayhem and The Gods of Yore. Published in Underbelly magazine.  Visit their site at  to check out this new magazine.

“The Keswick Oddity” is a subtle Lovecraft inspired story that features a mystery and some odd moments. It was published in the anthology “The Ancient Ones II”. Visit my anthology page to learn more.

“The Necromancer’s Daughter”, John’s dark fantasy tale of the undead features family drama and betrayal was published in the anthology “The Heart of the Devil” by Fantasia Divinity. Visit my anthology page to learn more.

2018 also saw the publication of John’s sequel to his dark fantasy/epic fantasy novel “Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds”. Book 2 is called “Shadow Scourge” —a very appropriate title, don’t you think? Don’t miss out on John’s Knigthshade Series—it’s been called visceral, action-packed and just plain fun. Stop by the works page to see this and tons of other titles.

Looking toward the shadowy future… John has an all-new series in the works. A horror series about the UNDEAD! It’s a trilogy called “UNDERGROUND”. The survivors of the zombie apocalypse move underground to survive, but they soon discover that is when the real horror begins. The first book is title “Revelations” and is due to hit sometime in 2019. See below for a sneak peek of the cover to “Underground: Revelations”!

There’s a lot more in the works from more short tales of madness to some sci-fi horror and maybe even some urban fantasy. No genre is safe from John’s wicked imagination. Works in progress include, First Flight, Humanoid, Glyph, GlimmerSeed and maybe even a third book in the Knightshade series. Stay tuned and watch this spot. 2019 is going to bring all sorts of new dark pleasures.

That’s it for now specters, spirits and shades…. We hope the dark will ensnare you again in the New Year! Until then…. Enjoy the Shadows!



Hello all of you dark wanderers! There are some small updates to make you aware of at the resting place of the Shadows. First up—my newest release…

Knightshade: Shadow Scourge is now available! The long awaited sequel to Perdition Bleeds is finally here. Once again Prince Quinn of Vanosia must defend all he loves, this time from the Shrouded Woman, who has finally put her plans of revenge into action. She will not rest until she sees Quinn and his entire family destroyed, even if she has to conjure up the dreaded Shadow Thrall, a shadowy creature army that could destroy the world. 

Don’t miss out on this dark fantasy, epic adventure with tons of action, huge battles, evil sorcery and plenty of mystery and surprises. Just go to the works page to check it out today.

In other news… I had stories published in two anthologies and the premier issue of a new horror magazine.

My story “The Necromancer’s Daughter” appears in the anthology “The Heart of a Devil” by Fantasia Divinity.

My story “The Keswick Oddity” appears in the anthology “The Ancient Ones II” by Deadman’s Tome.

You can check out both of these anthologies on the Anthology page, housed under the works tab.

Lastly, my story “The Isle of Loki” was published in the premiere issue of the new horror magazine: “Underbelly.” Check it out on the Misc page, housed under the Works tab.

That’s it for now my friends but stay tuned for more. There is a zombie trilogy in the works as we speak! Until then… enjoy the shadows!



Please forgive the shadows for not updating content as frequently as they should. Life does indeed throw things our way as well. We know it's been some time since the news page has had anything to speak of… but there is always something going on with the ShadowTales imprint and John Grover's fiction.

For starters—Did you hear about the new release? “Best of Shadow Tales”—over 20 of John Grover's early and previously short stories is collected all in one place! Now you can see some of the work that made it into publication, some of them going back to the early 90s. This huge title contains horror, suspense and dark fantasy tales and is available in ebook and paperback formats at your favorite online merchants. Please click the cover to go to the works page to learn about this and other great titles.

In other news, I'm currently working on the sequel to “Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds”. Book 2 is called “Knightshade: Shadow Scourge”. This epic fantasy novel will take Prince Quinn and his allies on an all-new journey as new enemy rises and an old threat is reborn. I'm making some great progress right now and to get you all excited here's a peek at the cover art by Christopher Zibelli!

Lastly, I'm still in the short story market and my story “The Necromancer's Daughter” has been accepted for publication in Fantasia Divinity Magazine's upcoming “The Heart of A Devil” Anthology. Look for that online soon!

That's it for now, shadow seekers, hopefully we will have more frequent updates for you in the future!



Hello my fellow shadow folk!

Just a quick update to let you know of two new titles added to the works page. My continuing fantasy series “The Books of Braenyn” gets its sixth entry: The Urn Of Orgo. Braenyn’s lover is dying and it’s a race against time as he searches for the fabled urn of the serpent goddess that may save his life. Will the elf thief find it in time or will he fall victim to the goddess’s servants and their many dangerous traps? Pick it up to find out…

Secondly, we have the “Song of the Ancestors” complete collection! All four novellas in one volume. If you’ve been thinking of trying out my first fantasy series but don’t want to buy one book at time, pick them all up at a special price.

I’ve also cleaned up the page a bit, getting rid of some of the old, out of print and no longer available titles and any duplicates that were there. Check out the WORKS to see all of my offerings.

Until next time… enjoy the shadows!



Is it 2015 already? In the name of shadows… have I been lax on updates. I’m so sorry by my lack of content throughout 2014. It was quite a busy year that flew by! That didn’t mean I wasn’t hard at work. Several horror titles came out…including my occult novel “The Fetch” a tale of witches, black magic, demons, conjurations and a fight to the death. Don’t miss out if you are a fan of witches and magic.

Next up came my short story collection “Unearthed” 10 tales of hidden horrors. From an idyllic lake to the recesses of a haunted house to the bowels of an ancient cemetery—by the time the hapless victims realize the evil that surrounds them it’s already too late. Pick up this novella size collection for some quick jolts of creeping horror to keep you amused on your daily commute.

The end of 2014 was a fury of fantasy works by yours truly. I really delved into the Sword and Sorcery genre. I wrapped up my “Song of the Ancestors” series with Book 4: The Ashes of Orum and started an entirely new series “Knightshade,” Book 1 is called “Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds.” Both titles are now live. Finally I’ve added another tale to my ongoing fantasy series “The Books of Braenyn.” In part 5, Duel on Mt. Vapor, Braenyn confronts his evil uncle Mareth in a magic duel in the mysterious Whitewood mountains.

All of these titles are now on the Works page. Also, I’ve recently updated the In Progress page where you can check in on upcoming titles and what I have planned down the road. There’s some new info there and story excerpts so check it out!

I promise to add a few more updates during this year but rest assured, I am nestled in the shadows creating more tales for the masses. Until next time… enjoy the shadows!



Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2014 already? Where did 2013 go? Well with the new year comes new tales to tell and new developments to your favorite shadows and their minions!

First up, my fantasy series “The Books of Braenyn” gets a new episode “Tarrow’s Tale.” Told from the viewpoint of Braenyn’s shape shifting lover Tarrow, get to know the shifter and where he came from, his people, and how he came to use his powers for fighting. Check out the Works page for more information.

I just published a whole batch of new short stories to Amazon Kindle, the Nook and to Kobo. Relentless, Wrong Turn, The Case and Bite Me are short jolts of horror you can pick up for 99 cents. Check them out at Amazon, B&N and Kobo.

Lastly, please sign up for my new mailing list! I’ve decided to put a newsletter together for 2014 and the link will appear in the back of all of my new releases. Stay informed about new releases, free stories and giveaways, sales and promos. You will not be spammed over and over. I will send out the newsletter about once a month with new info. That’s it.

Thanks for tuning in and until next time… enjoy the shadows!



Hello out there, come a little closer to the dark. I have horrors and terrors to show you…

Welcome back. Just a quick update to inform you of some new titles now out and share with only you some of my works in progress.

New Titles
Go to the Works page to find out more about the third entry into my Books of Braenyn series: “Family Bonds”.
Next up is the third book in my Song of the Ancestors series: “Ballad of the Fallen”. The series is drawing to a close. Look for Book IV this winter.
Finally “Oblivion 6”—my ode to superheroes and giant monsters. This sci-fi adventure is filled with action, monsters and mayhem.
Check out all of my titles.

Until next time… beware the shadows!



Happy New Year and hello my frozen little minions. Winter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods… so much so that we have have now just survived the Blizzard of 2013! Up to 30 inches of snow fell on Friday 2/8.

But enough of that… on to some new titles to give you a real chill…

First up my newest novel “Let’s Play in the Garden” could be considered young adult horror and adult horror. Join Merydith as she tries to figure out the dark secrets of her family and comes face to face with a horror she wished remained buried or at least kept inside her grandfather’s garden!

Also up on the list are a host of new fantasy titles. Possessing the Grimstone is my first full-length epic fantasy novel. Join the people of Athora as they fight to stop an overwhelming evil that has risen in the uncharted lands to the east with one piece of the all-powerful Grimstone. Join Pim the Wivering, Tolan the warrior and others as they work together to find the remaining two pieces of the Grimstone before their enemies do.

And last but certainly not least I want to introduce you to Braenyn, my elf-thief character and the chronicles of his adventures in my new fantasy series “The Books of Braenyn.” Join Braenyn the elf and his partner the shape-shifting Tarrow as they make their way in a world filled with warlords, trolls, netherling and wizards. The first two tales are now live at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. Each story is a self-contained tale but all of them connect in an over-arching story line. Join Braenyn in his continuing adventures.

All titles are now on my Works page. Click here to learn more about them.

That is it for now minions, until next time… stay warm and read something scary!



New titles!
Hey gang, just dropping by to tell you all about my newest books, including two, count’em two, books that feature zombies! Everyone’s favorite monster these days.

One book I am particularly excited about… If God Doesn’t Show. It’s my first full-length novel and one with distribution! It has received its first great review. Here’s hoping to many more. Look for it in stores now.

I’ve also done a clean up of the links page so check it out for new authors and resources and gone are any broken links that I could find. If you find any other broken ones please email me and let me know.

Thanks all. Until next time… enjoy the shadows! 07.15.12

Just a quick update for all you fiends out there. Consider this a post and run!

First up, I’ve landed a story in the Charity Anthology Dark Light. I share the pages with some big names and all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. Check it out on the anthology page for more info.

Next, feast your eyes on the trailer for my first fantasy book: Song of the Ancestors Book 1: Web of the Spider Queen. Trailer created by S. D. Hintz, original music composed just for this trailer by ProjectTrinity.

Check out my works page for ordering info. By the way, the second book in the series is about to go live. Look for it in the next week or so. Song of the Ancestors Book II: The Human Condition continued the exciting adventures in the realm of Orum. An Amazon Kindle exclusive series.

Lastly, I now have the cover art to my first zombie book: Frozen Stiff! Awesome art by Jonathan Banchick. Check out this amazing cover below. For more information on this title check out my new and upcoming projects page.

frozen stiff

That’s it for now minions. Stay tuned for more exciting news



Hello all! Welcome Spring! Even the shadows do some Spring Cleaning… a little bit of an update real quick to the site, my friends. So take a look:

There’s been a slight change to the samples page. This will now be the place to check on my works in progress and see what titles or surprises might be coming down the road. It will be renamed “New & Upcoming Projects” and can be accessed by clicking New Projects in the navigation to your left. This page will still contain excerpts from some of my current titles such as Feminine Wiles and Creatures & Crypts. Other older samples have now been removed.

Speaking of Creatures & Crypts, do check out the awesome trailer below created by S. D. Hintz. I think it fits the feel and theme of the collection nicely. 

Stay around a while, I have updates to the works Misc page with a new credit that’s currently live on Amazon and some added reviews to Feminine Wiles and two anthologies: Epitaphs by the New England Horror Writers and Ante Mortem by Belfire Press.

Until we meet again…. Enjoy the Shadows!



Hello out there and Happy New Year! Welcome back to this corner of John Grover’s shadowy world. There’s so much to tell you and all kinds of exciting things are in the works for this year. If we survive it! Isn’t this the year it all comes to an end… hmmm? Well, I have just the thing to set the tone.

New Ventures

My newest experimental project is now live and what timing. Aftermath…the online series is a post-apocalyptical story that I am weaving on my own blog… a spin off from this site. After a calamity at our own hands, our world wakes to a frightening new landscape, one of danger and chaos and new beings. The survivors of this new world work together or against each other in a no-holds barred, every man for himself struggle for survival. You will see that the classic battle of good against evil is still at work here except that this time something has upped the ante. Some survivors had discovered they now possess fantastic powers that will tip the scales one way or the other. As they struggle to adapt and learn to use these powers, a mysterious assassin is stalking them all to rid the broken new world of these powers once and for all.

Two chapters of this new series and an introduction are now posted to its blog, visit it to see more. I will add posts every month or so fleshing out the story chapter by chapter.  This is the first of some fun new projects I hope you all will enjoy. Look for more things to come this year. A second blog perhaps?

New Releases

In other news, I have just released my first fantasy book! It’s book one of a series and was really fun to write. It’s called Song of the Ancestors Book I: Web of the Spider Queen and is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. Fantastic cover art was done by K.H. Koehler.


From the book description:
Combining elements of horror and sword and sorcery, John Grover weaves an epic fantasy tale full of action, mystery and suspense.

A long vanquished evil has returned to the beautiful and peaceful realm of Orum. An evil that will stop at nothing to plunder and enslave all of the realm’s people and lay waste to its lands. An evil that refuses to die, that has ravaged every realm it has touched. Its name is Sinnia, the Spider Queen and she has set her eyes back on the one world that eludes her grasp.

The leadership races must come together and harness the old power of their ancestors, sing their song of lore as one people and defeat this horror once and for all. These races will come to discover a long lost secret about their own ancestry, their connection to each other and the realm itself, a secret that will change their world… forever.

Check out my Works page for pricing and a purchase link. Hope you enjoy this new installment to my body of work. Stay tuned for more books in this new fantasy series.

In closing, be on the lookout on this site and around the internet for banner ads linking you directly to Web of the Spider Queen’s Amazon page and to the Aftermath blog. If anyone out there would like to exchange ads or host an ad on their site for me please contact me. Thanks!

Until next we meet… enjoy the shadows….



It’s that time of year again! Halloween is almost upon us. The Jack-o-lanterns smile with fiery light, the ghosts walk the streets, the undead shall rise, black cats will screech, crinkled leaves blow on a moaning wind. What better a time to read something spooky. I have just the thing…

New Titles
First I wanted to bring your attention to some of my newest titles. I’ve released some of my out-of-print titles and others on Kindle and Smashwords.

Terror in Small Doses is the re-release of my out-of-print chapbook featuring six flash tales for only .99¢ on Kindle! That is a great deal for the season.

Next up is the fantastic Feminine Wiles 16 tales of female villains. Finally after all this time, this title now has a ebook version for Kindle and Smashwords. All new incredible cover art by Christopher Zibelli should lure you in for a treat! At only $2.99, this is a steal.
Feminine Wiles eBook

Marketing & Book Trailers
In other news, I recently started trying new marketing and promoting techniques. Book Trailers seem to be catching on and I’ve done two for the titles mentioned above. I now give you the trailers for “Terror in Small Doses” and “Feminine Wiles”!

Speaking of marketing, to help get the word out on my writing, I created a fan page for myself on facebook. Hoping to add a few new readers. So like it if you’d…like.
John Grover on Facebook

Book Signing Alert
Did I mention I am a member of the New England Horror Writers? Well, did I also mention that I was accepted into their first print anthology “Epitaphs”?

I am honored and excited to be in this anthology with my peers. As a result, I will be at a book signing for the release of this anthology at Anthocon in November.  This is a horror genre convention with many guests, sellers and panel discussions. It takes place in New Hampshire on 11/12/11. Follow the link for directions and times.

Tid Bits
Finally, there are updates scattered through out the site. There are two new anthologies that feature my work. Visit the anthologies page for “Horrorology” by Library of Horror Press and “Creature Features” by Open Casket Press. Also check out new reviews on the anthologies page, updates to the links page and all new recommendations.

And by the by…here are my top five must-see horror movies for Halloween: Halloween, The Fog, Trick R Treat, Friday the 13th Part 2 and The Howling.

Now go celebrate the season and buy something scary! Kindle is hot, the titles are cheap! Look for a special to be announced on my Facebook fan page…just click the link above or the little Facebook icon throughout the site.
Enjoy the shadows!



Lot’s of good things are coming out of the shadows, just for you faithful followers!

In today’s update you will find the re-release of my collection “A Beckoning of Shadows”. Naked Snake Press, the publisher of the original, has returned and brought this fine collection of 16 tales back from the abyss. A Beckoning of Shadows, the sequel to my very first collection Shadow Tales, has an all new cover and for the first time is available for the Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and the Nook, as well as in paperback. Stop by my Works page to check them out.

In other news: A couple more anthologies have come to the light of day featuring work from yours truly. Ante Morte”, the anthology that almost wasn’t by Belfire Press, has been resurrected and contains my story “Beauty Ritual”. This story is a personal fave of mine and you should definitely give it a try.

Another anthology, Aurora Rising by Aurora Wolf: Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy, is now featuring my fantasy story “To Summon the Shadows”, a tale of sword and sorcery in a matriarchal society. You get magic, monsters and an evil witch that is one tough cookie.

See my anthology page to learn more about these fine books.

In other big… and I do mean BIG news, I have just signed contracts with my co-author R. Thomas Riley with a publisher for my first novel! Yep, our novel “IF GOD DOESN’T SHOW” is an apocalyptical supernatural action horror with some Lovecraft thrown in. Oh my! I’m not sure of the release date yet, but we are in edits now and as soon as I know more, you will know about it right here first!

That’s all for now my creatures of the night. Stay tuned for more news to come. There are some exciting things in the works I can’t talk about yet but when the moment is right… well… you’ll just have to come back.



Season’s Greetings faithful followers! Welcome back to the abyss. I have much exciting news for you and there are many updates. The first of these are all the new anthologies and online magazines I am making appearances in. Some of these are now available for purchase, while others will hit the stands in the New Year. For now, get out that holiday shopping list and buy something scary!

First up is one I am very proud of. My story “Just the three of them at the end of world” is now available in the Zombiality Anthology. This is a zombie anthology with a gay twist to it. Featuring zombie tales with a GLBT theme from straight and gay authors alike, united in one common goal… to scare the hell out of you. This is the anthology that almost wasn’t. The publisher received a lot of negative backlash for opening such an anthology but in the end, reason and fairness prevailed and the book came to life, better than anyone expected. It’s a great looking volume and is on sale now at Amazon.

Another anthology also available is Dark Things II by Pill Hill Press--an open themed horror antho that will make you afraid of the dark and all its delights. Purchase this today for the horror lover on your holiday list. Features my story “A Strange Turn of Events.”

The third anthology that just went live is Monster Party by Living Dead Press. It features my story “Pest Control.” This book contains stories featuring more than one classic monster. Those were the rules. Some of them face off while some gang up on the humans. Ever wonder what it would be life for a ghoul to battle a werewolf, a vampire battle it out with witches, a mummy fight a sea creature? Well you may find that and more right here. Stop by my works page to order any of these great titles.

Coming in the New Year, I will be featured in two more anthologies. One comes from the Aurora Wolf online fantasy and sci-fi journal. My fantasy story “To Summon the Shadows” was selected to be a part of their print anthology entitled Aurora Rising. The other anthology is also a GLBT themed anthology entitled Horror Comes Out. It features open themed horror but with gay main characters. My story “The Stranger Beside Me” will be featured here. Here is a sneak peek at the cover art for both books:

Aurora Rising

Horror Comes Out

Filed under miscellaneous are two online appearances this year. Both over the Spring/Summer season. “To Summon the Shadows” which will see print, see the news above, was first published online at Aurora Wolf online literary journal. Here is the link if you just can’t wait for the book and wish to read it now!

Then there is “All The Raven’s Disciples” published by Silver Blade, an online fantasy magazine. Read that story here.

Tidbits: I now have an Amazon authors page. I am working on getting as many of the books I’m featured in listed on this page. Right now, it has a pretty extensive list of my work, links to all with reviews and a nifty bio. Stop by and check it out!

Lastly, in other news, I was interviewed by a local paper in town. Such fun and great exposure. Here is a little snippet of the article and a picture of me! It came out in print just in time for Halloween.


Thanks for stopping by and catching up during your Holiday season. Please visit the Links page for updates and the Works page to see all my newest releases and updates, read reviews or by a book for you or someone you want to scare off this season… hee hee. Have a safe and happy holiday season, enjoy the dark nights of winter and I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Now go buy something scary!



Hello out there my little shadows… welcome back. I have much to reveal to you. Let me pull back the veil for just a few of your precious mortal moments.

Just wanted to let you all know that my new release entitled “Tandem of Terror” co-written with Eric S. Brown is now available for purchase. This massive tome contains 48 stories and over 100,000 words of horror and sci-fi fiction! Right now Amazon is running a special and you can snatch up this huge compilation for under $12.00! Get it right now!

This book is a lifetime of work for Eric and I. It contains stories from our humble beginnings right up to today. Read Eric’s trademark zombie tales and horrifying sci-fi adventures coupled with my journeys into the supernatural and the shadow realms… creatures of the night and tales of suspense. You don’t want to miss out on this terrifying collection.

In other news your fiendish author has taken 2nd place in New Bedlam Project’s Spring Thaw contest. Not bad at all if I must say… take a look at this cool world and its haunted town and read the entry that captured a win for me. I call the tale Unknowable.

Speaking of contests… I am running one for “Tandem of Terror”… for those reading this post you have a leg up… the rules and info are only available at one place. Go here for a chance to win free books and other goodies just for buying a book, well that and answering a few questions… who’s answers can be found right in the pages of “Tandem”

Got some tidbits for all who’ve read this far down… my little collection “Feminine Wiles”, 16 tales of wicked women…was mentioned in Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year Volume 2 in the Summation section, page 22. You can check out Ellen’s yearly collection here!

I have also made another anthology appearance in Living Dead Press’s Book of Cannibals and in other BIG news I have been accepted into the new anthology Best New Zombie Tales vol 1 and vol 3 by the fledgling press Books of the Dead. Visit them for a look at their awesome cover for volume one! I am so excited to be appearing with such big genre authors as Jonathan Maberry, Kealan Patrick Burke, Ray Garton, Brian Knight and more. Check it out here.

That’s it for now my faithful followers… do visit the other areas of the site… I’ve just updated the links page somewhat heavily for your viewing pleasure. You may want to check it out. Until next time Enjoy the Shadows!



Happy New Year from the Shadows!

Okay all you lurkers out there, I got some news and updates for you. 2009 was quite the year for your fiendish author with two book signings and several titles released throughout the year from chapbooks to collections and ebooks. 2010 is looking to be even better already!

First off, I am extremely excited to announce I have just signed a deal with fresh and new publisher Lovecraft Press to re-release digital versions of my out of print titles! “Terror in Small Doses” and “A Beckoning of Shadows” will be re-released very soon. They will be available for the first time on Amazon’s kindle reader. The books will get a fresh edit and all new cover art. This is very cool news not to mention the press has just announced deals with Nate Southard, Mark Zirbel and Kealan Patrick Burke. I am honored to share the virtual shelves with these wonderful authors. For more information on my titles and the publisher visit their site

In other news, the ink has just dried on the print contracts for my first novel! Co-written with R. Thomas Riley, our first novel together “If God Doesn’t Show” will get a release by Library of Horror Press, the spin-off pub of Library of Living Dead Press. “If God Doesn’t Show” is a mix of horror, apocalyptic adventure and undead goodness. There are thrills and chills and some surprises. Expect a trade paperback release this year.

Also on the horizon is my super-sized collection co-written with Eric S. Brown entitled “Tandem of Terror”. Also being released by Library of Horror Press this is the biggest book of my stories ever to be gathered in one place. This book is huge... over 100,000 words of fiction by Eric and myself. This will be a real treat for horror fans. I've seen cover art, reviewed the PDF and turned it over to Eric for proofing. Be on the look out for this very soon. You're gonna love it!

I've just updated the anthology page to include the last two anthologies I appeared in for 2009. Please stop by and check out “Wolves of War”, an anthology of werewolves, and “Vermin”, an ebook all about things that crawl, fly, squirm, and slither! Visit the page to learn more about these titles and purchase links.

Stay right here lurkers, yes you with the red hair, I'm talking to you, for all the latest. Be sure to check out all of my pages... there are various updates, new links added, new short story sales and new recommendations for your reading pleasure. 2010 is shaping up to be great and one never knows where I may show up next. Drop me a line for feedback or chat about horror in general. I'm hoping to add a few more books signings to my agenda. Until then, you knew it was coming... enjoy the Shadows and read something scary!



Hello out there you shadow stalkers. Step out of the abyss for a moment… I have some news and updates to share with you. Some exciting developments have been in the works and I’m overjoyed to share with you the news of some upcoming Book Signings! That’s right all you fiends, your master of the macabre will be making some public appearances!

In conjunction with The New England Horror Writers Association I’ll be attending two group signings with them. The first is Saturday, Oct 10th in Westboro, MA at the Tatnuck Bookseller from 11 am-2pm. Please check their website for address and directions.

The second will take place on Halloween day in Shrewsbury, MA! It’s sure to be a spooktacular event. I will be at the Borders in Shrewsbury from 1-3 pm. Come out and meet me if you can! I will be signing copies of Feminine Wiles.

In other updates several anthologies featuring stories of mine have recently hit the market. If you love zombie fiction then you’ll love these next two anthologies… “Zombology” from Library of the Living Dead Press and “Dead Worlds” from Living Dead Press. For a different flavor featuring horror AND fantasy, why not check out “Atrum Tempestas” from Black Hound Publications? It features my dark fantasy story “Beneath Frozen Graves”. Visit my anthology page for more info.

And just as exciting is my new Chapbook release—“Whispering Shadows”! This is a three story collection put out by Rainfall books in the UK. It’s only available in the UK but you can order it from their site, just understand you will be paying in pounds instead of US dollars. This is a very rare collectible, a one of a kind from Rainfall with original cover art. These guys put out great work, and are known for selling out fast, never to be printed again. So act now! Visit my works page for more info.

Also look for new authors and publishers added to my links page. That’s all for now. Hope to see you in October… the delightfully dark month of Halloween, Shadows and all things Horror!



Born from the Shadows...
Greetings again my faithful followers, I have exciting news to report. Two new titles have just been released!

First up, feast your eyes on "Angels, Ashes and Alchemy" my novella collection from Double Dragon Publishing. Includes 10 tales of the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell and the hapless humans caught in between. Sin, Redemption, Regret, Salvation... we are but pawns in this game we call existence. Which side are you on? This is in ebook format only with an audio and paperback release to follow. For ordering info please click here. And for you Kindle readers, here is the Amazon link for your reader.

The cover below was designed by my Web Master Chris Zibelli, so feast your eyes...

Next! For those who've been waiting... your wait and mine are finally over! "Feminine Wiles" is finally here! 16 tales of wicked women for your dark delights. My masterpiece of horror can finally be consumed by an unsuspecting world. Witness as women turn the tables on their male counterparts proving they are a force to be reckoned with in horror fiction. If you'd love to see the women as the strong, seductive antagonist instead of the helpless screaming victim this is the book for you. Years in the making, I am proud to bring to you my most beloved work. Please stop by either my publisher Blu Phier, or for a discounted price just in time for the current recession visit Amazon.

The incredible, dream-like cover below was designed by international artist Daniele Serra.

That's all this time around but that should be enough to keep you slavering beasts satisfied for now. To read a couple of reviews on these new titles and many others in my stable, just visit my works page.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and readership. It's appreciated. Enjoy the shadows!



Welcome back shadow followers...

I wanted to tell you about my first new sale of 2009, due out this March! Since the ink has dried on the contracts for my newest collection... I wanted to make an official announcement.

"Angels, Ashes and Alchemy" has been accepted by Double Dragon publishing. The book is a ten story compilation about the eternal war between Heaven and Hell and the hapless humans caught in between.

It features such goodies as demons, angels, arcane rituals, black magic, heroes, cowards, and even a few appearances by Lucifer himself. It's a fun collection that taps into our most primitive beliefs in religions and the fear of both God and Satan.

I hope you will enjoy this new foray of mine into the spiritual realms. It is planned for a March 2009 release in ebook and audio download format, including Amazon Kindle, Itunes and Mpeg. A trade paperback will follow.

Here's a look at the great cover art by my friend and webmaster Christopher Zibelli. Enjoy!

That's all for now. Until next time, enjoy the shadows...



Hello faithful readers!

Some news to keep you tide over until the release of Feminine Wiles. I wanted to inform you of some recent sales. My story "Riding the Heat Wave" is on the featured fiction section of Alien Skin magazine.

In other news, I made a sale to the Halloween DVD of Wrong World for my story "Available For Parties". Check them out here. They are in the tradition of The Twilight Zone and sell fiction on DVDs with sound effects, music and a narrator. Cool Stuff.

I am also happy to report that I sold my tale "Incident on Route 44" to the Northern Haunts anthology, a book to benefit the American Cancer Society! To pre-order this great book click here. Hurry and get it while it's on a special pre-order price. And feast your eyes below on the excellent cover art done by none other than my very own web master Christopher Zibelli...

Nothern Haunts

Some future sales include "The Tie That Binds" in the premiere issue of Necrophagy magazine coming December 1st and "Special Delivery" coming in the New Voices in Fiction Halloween Anthology.

Other projects that I am working on include a reoccurring character of mine named "Lindsay Braddish", a hard boiled police detective with a chip on her shoulder, and a connection to the supernatural underworld–her father, a corrupt cop serving a life sentence in Hell. She first made her debut in "The City By The River" that was featured in the anthology "Vicious Shivers", her second appearance was in "NecroMaster" in my Beckoning of Shadows collection. See my Works page for more info on both titles. I am currently working on a novella all about her and a bunch of shorts. I plan one day to compile all her adventures into one volume entitled "The Braddish Chronicles" Stay tuned for more updates on Lindsay over the next year.

Lastly, I've placed some excerpts from a few of the stories in Feminine Wiles due out in November... those can be found on my Feminine Wiles myspace page found here.

That's all for now kiddies. Until next time enjoy the Shadows!



The cover to “Feminine Wiles” is revealed!

Feast your eyes my little creatures of the night on the new cover art to my next release: “Feminine Wiles. 16 tales of Wicked Women.” The art is the vision of Daniele Serra, a great artist who works on Dr. Who, Marvel and Cemetery Dance magazine. He has captured the surreal feel that I intended for this collection of femme fatales and ghostly women. Visit the publisher's site for a synopsis of my next journey into terror at Blu Phier. This book is due out November 2008.

Stay tuned to this site for more details...



Just a quick update for you all. I have placed work in three new anthologies recently. Please stop by the Works page under anthologies to see cover art and purchase links. One of them is the recent HELP charity anthology for Preditor and Editors, over 600 pages of speculative fiction for a good cause.

Also please take note that the release date for Feminine Wiles has moved to November 2008.  A Winter release for the coldest villains known to man.

Feminine Wiles is my newest collection featuring all female villains. 16 tales of femme fatales and sisters of the night, from the ghostly to the all too real. Relish in all of their seductive glory as they lure you to a sweet surrender. Get your copy this November!

Until next time, enjoy the shadows...



Incredible news! The ShadowTales website has won the Editors' Choice award for Best Author Website at Darkscribe Magazine!
My designer Chris, of cjz•design, and I are extremely excited. We send a big thank you to everyone who voted.

Excerpts from two of my published works, A Beckoning of Shadows and Terror in Small Doses, have been added to the Sample Stories page. Please check them out and tell me what you think.

Also, I have added a recommended reading section to my Links page. You'll find my picks beneath the Resources listings. Happy reading!

Stay tuned for more literary information and terrifying tales from the shadows…



Greetings again from the shadows. I have updates to share. Hopefully these will tide you over until my next big project is unleashed on the unsuspecting world.

Speaking collection, “Feminine Wiles” has a publication date. Look for this book from Blu Phier publishing to hit store shelves in August 2008. That's right, my best collection to date will be available this summer. From out of the dark days of winter to the burning flames of summer my female villains will rise. Look for book signing dates to follow.

Newest updates: My short story “Special Delivery” has just come out in print within the pages of 7th Dimension magazine. This is their 3rd issue. This new horror and sci-fi magazine features a color cover and free advertising and promotion for authors of the small press. Go check them out and purchase an issue with yours truly inside. Here is the link:

Also my story “Wedded Bliss” has just been sold to The Willows, a magazine of Gothic and Victorian Era horror. Check them out if you love old-fashioned ghost stories told in English pubs, or Cosmic horror, or Lovecraft. This might be just the thing for you. Look for my tale in an upcoming print issue.

I know the holidays are over, but it's never too late to revel in some Holiday Horror! My story “Kathy's Korner” was published in Screaming Dreams' Christmas edition. You can download the free PDF on their site here. They have also accepted my story “A Voice in the Night” for one of their upcoming anthologies. So keep checking back for updates on that.

I also wanted to share that this site, ShadowTales, my official home in cyberspace, was nominated as Best Dark Author Website by Dark Scribe Magazine. This is their first Black Quill awards, given to excellence in the dark arts field. You can read all about these awards here. Thanks to my designer for all his hard work. Wish us luck!

Last but not least, don't forget my latest collection “A Beckoning of Shadows” is still available for purchase and is selling pretty good according to my publisher. So what are you waiting for? Read some great dark shorts right now! Go to my Works page to purchase. Until next time everyone... Enjoy the Shadows.



Hey there! Welcome back to the shadows. I have some great news and updates that I am very excited to share with you all. First and foremost is the release of my latest book, “A Beckoning of Shadows”. It was years in the making, including a struggle to find a publisher. In the end, the book almost didn’t make it out, but here it finally is. It is a trade paperback with 16 of some of my most recent and terrifying stories. It includes an introduction by Jason Brannon and cover art by Russell Dickerson. I am proud to say the book is on sale from Naked Snake Press,  a great publisher who will be going on hiatus until next year. So grab your copy now! See my Works page to purchase. You won’t be disappointed. Get this while it’s still hot!

In other news, I wanted to share information regarding new stories I've been working on. My collection of all female villains, “Feminine Wiles”, has been accepted by Blu Phier publishing! I can’t tell you how excited I am! This has been a labor of love for me and I couldn’t be happier. This will be the first book I will actually do signings for. A 16 story collection all about female villains. You won’t want to miss this or my signings. Keep checking back here for more info. "Feminine Wiles" coming soon to a store near you.

There are also some updates to report. A few new sites have been added to the Links page, and an all new Gallery has been added. I have taken up a new hobby of amateur photography and have redone my entire gallery. Here you find my first attempts at capturing “emotion” on film. I have done a collection of images in color and black and white. There is also a black and white series on friends and family, some still life and landscapes. Some of it I think is very cool. So check out the newly revised pages hosting my new creative venture and let me know what you think. I love the feedback.

Until next time…read something scary!



It's been a while since I've had an update but I have some great news to report. My collection "A Beckoning of Shadows" has found a new publisher, Naked Snake Press, and is slated for a late summer/early fall release. It contains 17 of my best stories. I am very excited to see this book published. A lot of hard work went into it and I am very proud of it.

In other news, I am finishing up another chapbook entitled "Angels, Ashes and Alchemy" and will be seeking a publisher soon.

Meanwhile, I recently got back from a trip to Paris and I've posted new pictures from my wonderful vacation. Stop by my gallery to see some highlights.



Welcome! I am so excited to unveil the new ShadowTales, my home in cyberspace. It's as if a whole new creative world has opened up for me. I am feverishly working on new projects that I will reveal right here. Check back soon for story progress updates. In the meantime, please be sure to check my Works page. My recent title “Terror in Small Doses” is still hot and selling at Nocturne Press. My own solo collection "A Beckoning of Shadows" is due out in November of 2006 from Cyber-Pulp and contains 16 of my best stories that I’m sure you won’t want to miss. Please feel free to email about the new site. I love feedback and love to chat!