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This is a list of the projects I’m currently working on and at which stage of progress. Updates will come as soon as more information is available. Keep checking the Works page for the latest releases and books available for purchase. You can also find excerpts to some of my work at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

Oblivion 6: Invasion

The team of psychics and reluctant heroes reunites to try to save the world one more time. This time it is not the old ones from another dimension but a hideous army from the stars. Can the team of misfits battle an alien force hell bent on devouring mankind?
Coming soon.

AI 2697

In the future the military forces of the world employ mech combat suits to protect and serve. A human pilot wears the suit like a new form of armor, exploring the world and the solar system against outside threats and terrorist activity.
A new company on the rise creates the first unmanned mech that will replace the need for pilots or soldiers in a new world of peace and tranquility. Their plan to sell their new prototype, named AI2697, to the military doesn’t go as planned when a malfunction caused AI 2697 to go amok and off the grid. It’s a race against time to stop the automated killing machine as it leads a decorated military team on a chase across the universe. Sci-fi/Action Tale. Coming Soon.

It’s not quite human. It’s not quite from our world. It’s not quite friendly. Whatever it is, it’s here now and the small forest town of Briar Creek will never forget the night it arrived. In the darkness of the wilderness and the shadows it waits and evolves into something almost… Humanoid.
Coming Soon.


Aftermath--the online series

An apocalyptic story with a growing cast of characters. Now up to chapter 17! Check the story out at aftermathworld.

At the Foot of the Mountains
Horror action/adventure novel co-written with R. Thomas Riley. First draft complete.


The Tie That Binds
an excerpt from Creatures and Crypts

Shades Darker Than War
an excerpt from Feminine Wiles