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Bryan Gyssup could hear it in the air, he just didn't know what it was. Oh how beautiful it sounded, like sweet music or singing, it was so intoxicating he nearly fell asleep.

Dropping his rake to the ground, he turned to see the house beside his own, he was sure that was where it was coming from. The house had been for sale almost two years, and finally sold two weeks ago.

He still had not met his new neighbor.

She was so secretive, illusive and totally seductive.

She had mane of thick blonde hair, a slender, perfect body with full breasts, her eyes were a striking emerald green and her lips were pouty.

She careened around in a black T-bird which was seen throughout the quiet town of North Garrington, leaving a trail rumors and gossip.

There it was again, the sweet song that enticed him, entranced him with its every tone. His breath grew short, his palms damp and he was beginning to feel warm, as if he was running a fever.

A breeze stirred, the scent of roses wafting in it, caressing Byran’s senses.

He walked towards the house as his wife Melissa prepared their dinner, tucked safely away in their home, unware of his actions.What would she say if she could see him now, drawn away from chores by a perfect stranger, like a child to candy that they were told not too touch?

It mattered not, all that mattered was the singing, the song. He left the yard for he just needed had to see her. No, he wanted to see her, now.

He had been untrue to Melissa only once; a short quick affair that was strictly physical. He had broken down and told her all about it.They fought, she kicked him out, but forgave him in the end and took him back.

Walking up to the door, he peered into its small window as the singing continued. He was totally entranced by it, under its mysterious spell.
The inside of the house was filled with statues of Greek gods and heroes, the sunlight gleaming on their sculptured muscles, glittering in their fiery eyes. A plush fur rug, resembling some sort of animal skin spanned the entire floor, and in the far corner, taking one entire wall for itself sat a massive black piano.

No, that was not the song or the singing, it sat silent in the corner, shrouded with shade, nothing of flesh and blood was sitting before it weaving the calls that gave Byran such ecstasy.

Within moments he found his hand pressed onto the front door and to his amazement found it unlocked. Easing it open, he walked in, soft breezes greeting him, tousling his hair, tugging his clothes. The house suddenly became bathed in darkness, sweeping through the room like ocean waves except for the room down the end of the hall.

Dim light glowed from lone room’s door. He eased crept his way down the hall, his hands sliding along the walls as if to see if this was real and not just a dream.

The soft singing continued calling to him, commanding him, he was at its mercy.

The door felt strangely warm to the touch, a tingling sensation filling his entire body until he began to feel himself being aroused.

The sweat drooled off him and drwaing in one deep breath, he pushed the door open.

The room was filled with an illuminating white light and in the center of it was a huge bed, surrounded by white silken curtains. They danced in the strange breezes that filled the house.

"Bryan...." a sultry voice whispered as the door shut behind him. A slender silhouette appeared behind the curtains.

"Come to me Bryan." the voice called.

He walked up to the bed and parted the curtains. In the bed sat his beautiful blonde neighbor, wearing a sheer white gown. Her magnificent eyes met his and she sighed in ecstasy at the site of him. "Come to me, Bryan." she begged.

"Lilith? Is that you?" he asked, having heard her name in town.

"Yes, it is I. Come to me Bryan, kneel before my bed."

Without question he did as she commanded, walking to the foot of her bed and kneeling before it. Easing herself up to him, she opened her mouth and sang. The most beautiful thing he had ever heard. It was she who spun the wonderful song that he could not resist, the one that lead him around by the hose, the call that demanded his obediance and his lust.

She ran her hand over her body, caressing her breasts, easing it further down to her navel and her loins, moaning now instead of singing.

With her other hand she touched Bryan, running her fingers through his hair, tantalizing his face. He could feel a sexual charge between them, a tingling flowing from her body to his own. The heat between them was unmistakble.

Oh how he wanted her, Oh how he needed her.

Standing swiftly, she glared down at him, a white glow in her eyes. Sitting paralyzed, he watched as something horrifying occurred.

A cracking of bone and muscle pealed through the room as huge multicolored wings stretched from her back, spreading full and wide. Her arms morphed into talons and her teeth became jagged and coarse. Smiling with utter delight she brushed his hair with her talons.

"Ahh," she sighed with disappointment. "Dearest Bryan, I had hoped that you would be the one. But alas, you are not. You have been unfaithful in your life, your manhood is tainted and thus you cannot serve my needs.

"Stupid mortal with your mortal needs and desires. I require a man pure of heart. I am the last of my kind, the last of the harpies and I must breed with a mortal man true and pure of heart to further my race. But I see my noble race will again have to wait while I search for another. Farewell Bryan. It has been... interesting."

With cruelty in her eyes, she drew back her talon, a wide smile drawing on her face.

Bryan gazed up at her, eyes wide with joy and anticipation as if she were about to bestow a great gift upon him. That gift was death. With lightning speed, she swung her talon with full force, slashing across his throat as his blood splattered the walls, the curtains and the bed in dark crimson.

Bryan shrieked weakly, grabbing for his throat as the veins still pulsed. With one hushed gasp he fell to the floor lifeless.

Lilith watched the blood stream down her arm. It excited her, renewing her with its essence. "The power." she whispered. Descending upon him, she devoured his carcass.