the men's room
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An angry male voice was in the bathroom now and I heard footsteps muddling about. Something had told me to lay low and the next thing I knew, I was perched on the toilet--my feet drawn up off the floor so that I would not be noticed.

How did they get in? Had I forgotten to shut the door? I thought these public bathrooms locked automatically?

"You were supposed to do it!" The man was outraged, the fury in his voice exuded a heat that was frightening.
I wasn't really sure why I was hiding myself, a part of me was truly nervous but the other part just wanted to hear what the fight was all about.

Sniveling filled the bathroom, someone was sobbing. The sound of it was low and hushed. "What did you think, that you would get away with it?" the angry man continued his assault. "It was her turn to die and you just let her go. You are a traitor. The Master is quite angry with you. Actually, he's quite pissed off!"

"Please no more," the sobbing voice begged. "I can't do this anymore. I don't want to hurt anymore people."

"The Master demands it. You pathetic shit, what a weak soul you have!"

"Just let me go. I wanna leave the fold, please just let me leave."

"You can't be serious? Let you go? You can't even be allowed to exist. Your eyes have seen too much traitor. You could harm us and pollute our numbers. You can never be allowed to leave. Your life is ours. You'll just have to take that teenager's place that you let get away…"

My legs trembled as I tried to hold them steady. My eyes studied the grit in the tiles of the floor until settling on the two pairs of legs before me. The legs were clad in black, like some sort of linen and wore black shoes with thick lug soles. God help me, something awful was going down here--and it scared the shit out of me.

I could barely hold my screams back as my lips shivered and my heart thumped relentlessly in my ears. Why did I have to be here now? Couldn't they have waited five more minutes? My legs grew tired and heavy; beginning to tingle but I dare not stretch, hell, I dare not even breathe.

A horrible sound reverberated around me then, it was gasping. The sobbing had transformed into gasps. Gasp-gasp gasp—I could actually feel my own air being cut off from my body.

Shraaakkk, craaackkk, rip-tear-these next sounds terrified me.

I heard terrible tearing sounds and some gurgling and with a dull thud, a man tumbled to the floor; his face and arm landing right in front of my stall. I could see his face. His eyes stared into mine. His eyes still moved, shifting from side to side, his lips squirmed slightly; a thick coat of red covering them.

I then watched a stream of crimson roll across the floor and into my stall, just barely touching the toilet that I cringed on. His right cheek bore a tattoo of black tears that began right underneath his eye. His dirty blond hair was shaved almost to the skin of his head. His eyes, I watched them go still now, were a vivid blue.

A sigh escaped the angry man, whose legs I could still view from underneath my stall – please don't check the stalls – please don't check the stalls...

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