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A u t h o r s
Aftermath… the online series - my post-apocalyptical story
John Grover @ MySpace - my official MySpace blog
Horns - "Horror Fiction Extremist"
Brutal Dreamer - official site of the author
R. Thomas Riley- dark fiction author
John F. Merz - official site of the author
Tim Curran - official site of the author
Christopher Fulbright - professional writer & author
Angeline Hawkes - official site of the author
Brian Keene - official site of the author
Michael Laimo - official site of the author
Chesya Burke - official site of the author

AP Fuchs - official site of the author
Kealan Patrick Burke - official site of the author
Rick R. Reed - official site of the author
Vince Liaguno - official site of author
Douglas Clegg - official site of author


Z i n e s & P u b l i s h e r s
Abe's Tomb - home to the best horror stories on the Net
Apex Magazine
Bards and Sages
Black Hound Publications - publisher
Blood Bound Books
Bloodshot Books
Cemetery Dance
Chizine - fiction, editorials, reviews and more…
Crystal Lake Books
Cutting Block Press - publisher
Dark Animus - supporting writers, poets & artists
The Dark Magazine
Double Dragon Publishing - publisher
Gallows Hills Magazine - bone chilling literary culture - horror search engine
Horror World - horror community
Severed Press
Screaming Dreams - great UK pub; free Ebooks and Ezine
Shock Totem
Wild Clown - online resource - online community for writers & readers
Writer's Showcase - stories, novels, poetry, art & more…
The Wyrd Magazine


R e s o u r c e s
Arrow in the Head - horror movie reviews
Ghosts Caught On Tape - lots of stories, videos & events
Holly’s Bargain Ebooks - discount Ebook seller
Horror Channel
- news & forums
Horror Clipart - hundreds of images at your fingertips
Horror Writer's Association - promoting dark literature
New England Horror Writers - writing organization
Occultopedia - A to Z encyclopedia of the occult
Ralan's Webstravaganza - an author's guide to markets
Scary Clowns - Are you afraid of clowns?
Shocklines Bookstore - your one-stop shop for horror
Writer's Digest - book club


R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s
Diaphanous by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley
Peaceable Kingdom by Jack Ketchum
Bone Marrow Stew by Tim Curran
Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez
Jinn by Matthew B.J. Delaney
Triptych of Terror Anthology - Various Authors
Cell by Stephen King
20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
Off Season by Jack Ketchum
The Nightmare Chronicles by Douglas Clegg
Winds of Change by Jason Brannon
When It Rains & Other Wreckage by Christopher Fulbright
The Monster Within Idea by R. Thomas Riley
Season of Rot by Eric S. Brown


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